Briar Patch Hope Ya Dance
​​​​​​​26-04-2002 - 15-01-2017, Hope you dance in heaven now...

When ever sorrow makes you blue,
I am the smile that reaches for you,
When ever clouds won't clear away,
I am the sun that lights your day,

When ever fighting with your fear,
I am the one who pulls you clear,
When ever coldness chills you through,
I am the warmth that comforts you,

When ever lost and all alone,
I am the one to bring you home,
When ever tear drops fall like rain,
I am the one to soothe your pain,

But most of all I'll always be,
Within your soul forever free,
And even though we're now apart,
I'm still the one to hold your heart.

Born 26-4-2002
Silverdapple tovero
80 cm / 31,25 inch

Superster preferent NMPRS!

Dance is a wonderful tovero mare.
Gorgeous little head, fantastic markings and beautiful blue eyes.
Super refined type and great movement, what more could one desire?!
Dance tested positive for the LWO gene, which means she can breed the wonderful frame overo pattern!

She has proven herself already as a great broodmare, constantly producing greatness!



Aalten 2007
3th place open senior mares under 32 inch
3th place AMHA senior mares under 32 inch
Best mare and foal open
Best mare and foal AMHA

NMPRS merriekeuring 2007
1A premium

MHCE European Championship, Oudenaarde Belgie 2007
3th place Open senior mares
5th place AMHA senior mares
2nd place open pinto
2nd place AMHA multicolor
Winner Choice of the Heart Award

Aalten 2008
2nd place best mare and foal open
2nd place best mare and foal AMHA

BMP Show Torhout 2008
3th place senior mares

ICAMH Summershow 2008
3th place AMHR model mares
2nd place AMHR senior mares A division
4th place AMHR multicolor mares
2nd place AMHA amateur senior mares under 32 inch
5th place AMHA multicolor mares
1st place AMHA broodmares
1st place AMHA mare and foal
2nd place AMHA senior mares under 32 inch

NMPRS merriekeuring 2008
1B premium

NMPRS merriekeuring 2009
1B premium