Breeding Conditions

Our stallions are available for a few outside breedings to quality mares.

  • Stud Fee: Made In Europe Ici Paris;                600 euro for AMHA, 400 euro for other breeds.
  • ​​​​​​Stud Fee: HDs Lovely Coloured By Lightning; 600 euro for AMHA, 400 euro for other breeds.

This INCLUDES 1 month of boarding, breeding certificates, 1 ultrasound, and life foal guarantee.
After 1 month boarding is 2 euro's a day, all other veterinarian costs, de-worming and farrier needs to be paid by the mare owner.
Stud Fee must be paid in full on the day of arrival.

*Mares need to be in good condition and without veterinarian faults and flaws.
*Mares need to be, or become a minimal of 3 years old in the year of the breeding.
*Our breeding season starts on may 1st untill september 1st.
*If the mare doesn't take or looses her foal early in pregnancy, she can come back in the following year, with only costs of stay and veterinarian to be paid, if the mare is sold, this guarantee is forfeited.
*We have the right to consult a veterinarian at the owners cost at all time, if we suspect ilness or injuries, offcourse the owner will be notified as soon as possible.
*We will take care of your mare and possible foal with the greatest care, but we cannot be hold responsible in any way during stay, transportation and breeding.
*If the stallion becomes ill or deceased, and the mare turnes out not to be in foal, the stud-fee wil be returned with the exception of the veterinarian costs and stay that may be made.
*If you wish to offer your mare to our stallion, you agree to have read the above conditions and signing them in a contract at our farm.